The History of Lesters Manufacturing Ltd

Lesters is a Family firm that has been trading for four generations, and although we understand the traditions of quality and service from the past, we are forward looking. Our present day products are designed to meet the demands of today.The business was started in 1904, when E A Lester, Great Grandfather of the present Managing Director, started trading from the basement of his mothers shop in old Basford, Nottingham. The firm flourished and when his son, A E Lester, joined the company it went from strength to strength. A.E. designed a Leather and Felt Knee Pad for the mining industry and over the years this has proved to be such a successful product that it is still in production today.
We now manufacture a complete range of knee Pads, belts, tool bags and cases from natural and synthetic materials suitable for all applications, and our depth of knowledge and experience enables us to supply the product best suited to the requirements of the professional.
Our philosophy is to make products of professional quality, which will last and therefore prove to be of good value.